Project Description

If you’ve ever stepped foot on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison, then you know that it’s a pretty special place. From the sprawling Bascom Hill to the iconic Monona terrace, the campus is decorated with a plethora of both natural and architectural elements designed to educate, inspire and proliferate one thing: “The Wisconsin Idea”.

Silver, sleek and modern, the 1848 Building is one such example. Situated on old University Avenue, the four-story building has served as the home base of the UW Foundation since September 26, 1994. Recently, the Kenton Peters-designed building underwent a major remodel. Our team at Amplify Graphics & Branding was on hand to help produce and install art and images that represented “The Wisconsin Idea” on each of the building’s four floors.

The entire project was completed in four phases by our very own in-house installers. Given the size and scope of this project, having our own in-house install team proved invaluable as it allowed us the flexibility to work around the schedules of construction and furniture installation teams who were also participating in the remodel. For example, once the glass was installed, up went a graphic. And a day before furniture was placed, our printed wall covering was already firmly on the wall! We credit our in-house install team for keeping us on track and on schedule for this project.

As part of our service, we had a full consultation with the client before the project began and recommend styles and materials for maximum results with responsible costs. Amplify Graphics & Branding custom-cut frosted film to cover over 50 windows and glass panes. All told, the project included wayfinding signage, vinyl glass screening, dimensional lettering, digitally printed wall coverings, acrylic graphic panels, and CNC-cut vinyl applied to drywall.

Below, check out a few of snaps the team took of the finished projects!