Project Description

A Vision of the Past: This 95 year old historic Milwaukee building required maintenance and modernization to bring it into the modern era.

The side theaters and lobby sign are all dimensional letters and flat cut Bronze with our IJ480 conformable vinyl for all of the decal work. This allowed us to replicate the stencil work that was done in the space years ago, but with modern technology, we were able to recreate the stencil pattern and print it to the vinyl for longer lasting design.

All of the donor names can been seen in the two 86″x 89″ glass panels as CNC cast white vinyl second surface. The anchoring system for the glass was topped off with a decorative cap to help match the aesthetic of the space.

The Abele Cinema letters above the doorway was constructed out of MDF (generally denser than plywood). The red facia that the letters stand on is a plaster like Type II Wallcovering finish to give it texture. And the details attached to the framing itself were printed on metallic vinyl to give it a shadow effect.

By restoring one of the nation’s finest historical cinemas, MKE Film hopes to secure a bright future for the theater, advance the local film industry, and become a permanent fixture in global cinema culture – all while continuing to screen great films and spark important conversations in the community.