Vehicle Lettering Services In The Milwaukee Area

Promote your company while you’re parked or commuting to work by investing in vehicle lettering. From cars to trucks to SUVs, vehicle lettering works great on any vehicle. Not only is it cost-effective, but it’s also an easily-customizable marketing solution that’s been proven to result in over 16 million visual impressions annually.

What is the process for lettering a vehicle?

Lettering can be installed using a wet or dry method. The wet method involves water and soap, while the dry method utilizes a “hinge” process that does not require any liquid. Both methods are equally effective, but the wet method is typically more forgiving of mistakes. The professionals at Amplify Graphics & Branding are properly trained in both methods and can usually complete a lettering project in just a few short days.

Tips for perfect lettering

For a flawless project, follow these tried-and-true tips from Amplify Graphics & Branding:

  • Choose a larger font: Pick fonts that are at least 3 inches tall so they are easy to see.
  • Choose colors wisely: Pick a color scheme that contrasts with the color of your vehicle to ensure maximum readability.
  • Keep it simple: Do not write a “novel” on your vehicle! Keep it simple by including your business name, a single advertising line, and your phone number or web address.
  • Consider an outline: Though outlines cost a little more, they ensure the text of your vehicle lettering “pops” and gets the attention it deserves!
  • Check your local permitting rules: Permits are not usually required for vehicle lettering, but it’s never a bad idea to check local permitting guidelines to ensure you are in compliance with local rules.

Choose the best by partnering
with Amplify Graphics & Branding

What’s our best tip for a flawless vehicle lettering project? Partner with an experienced and trusted company like Amplify Graphics & Branding. From your design concept to the finished product, we’ll work with you every step of the way to ensure your lettering needs are not only met but exceeded. Let’s get started, contact us today

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