Providing Your Milwaukee Business With Beautiful Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Add an elegant, gallery-style look to the walls of your Milwaukee-area business with high-quality gallery wrapped canvas. By pulling a printed canvas over a 1.5” thick frame or stretcher bars and discretely wrapping the edges, art pieces are not only structurally reinforced but also take on an eye-catching 3D quality that is impossible to miss.

Amplify Graphics & Branding wants to help the interior decoration of your business convey a sense of excellence. By offering canvas gallery wraps of all shapes and sizes, created with our best-in-class equipment, we can do just that. Best of all, you can always count on Amplify Graphics & Branding for flawless printing and friendly customer service.

Wrap Options

There are a number of canvas wrapping styles and each offers a unique accent to your artwork. The most popular wrap options available at Amplify Graphics & Branding include:

  • Full Image Wrap: Offering a flowing, seamless look, a full image wrap is the most common canvas wrapping style.
  • Border Wrap: Emulating a picture frame, border wraps are available in black, white, or any other solid color you prefer.
  • Mirrored Edge: To ensure that your full image is displayed, mirrored edges offer a continuous look that reflects the image rather than stretches it.

Mounting Options

How your canvas gallery wrap is hung depends on your unique interior preferences and needs. With convenience in mind, Amplify Graphics & Branding will help ensure your artwork is easily mounted with options including:

  • Black Paper Backing: Adding a paper backing to your canvas not only offers additional protection, but also a sleek, finished look.
  • Sawtooth Hanger: To easily hang your canvas flat against the wall, you can opt for the sawtooth hanger.
  • Wire Hanger: For a true art gallery aesthetic that causes the canvas to sit slightly away from the wall, a wire hanger is best.
  • French Cleat System: Cleat systems offer the easiest process to install canvas wraps level and in line with each other when installing multiple wraps.

The Canvas Gallery Wrap Experts

For more than 30 years, Amplify Graphics & Branding has been on the cutting-edge of professional, large-scale printing. We are confident that canvas gallery wraps will take the appearance of your business to the next level, and we can’t wait to show you how. Contact us to get started.

To learn more or recieve a free estimate, call us today at 414-321-1422.