How Can A Dimensional Sign Help Your Milwaukee Business?

Dimensional signage identifies your business from both a decorative and a functional standpoint. Available in a variety of different materials, a dimensional sign can be installed directly to the wall or mounted to acrylic allowing your brand to literally “pop” and create a stunning visual impact for your Milwaukee area business.

Materials used in dimensional signs

Amplify Graphics & Branding offers a number of high-quality materials for your dimensional sign, including:

  • Metal – Metal letters are highly durable and last for years and years. Metal letters are typically seen on corporate logos and elicit a very polished and professional look. The most common type of metal we use is brushed aluminum, which can either be flush or standoff mounted.
  • Acrylic – Available in a variety of pigmented colors and finished, acrylic letters are a popular option. Acrylic letters are sharp and clean and offer a cost-effective alternative to metal and can also be flush or standoff mounted.
  • Plastic – An affordable option, plastic letters easily mimic the look of metal letters. We don’t normally utilize plastic, but we are happy to do so if requested.
  • LED – Want a look that will really stand out and quite literally “shine”? We can add LED lighting to any project.

No matter what material you choose for your dimensional sign, rest assured that our team can expertly paint it in any custom color and finish. We’ll also install your sign at any height or surface you require, whether it’s brick, block, drywall, paneling, wood or concrete.

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Amplify Graphics & Branding offers a wide array of lettering and graphic options that can be custom-made to match every aspect of your logo, from shape to color. Unsure about what type of look you want to achieve with your dimensional sign? Our helpful team will help you at every step, from zeroing in on a design concept to physically placing the sign on your walls. Let’s get started, contact us today.

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