What is short run digital printing?

Short run digital printing allows an organization to order products in smaller quantities than would be necessary in traditional offset printing. Short run printing is made possible by digital printing equipment which, while expensive to set up initially, is a cost-effective choice in the long run.

What are the advantages to short run digital printing?

In addition to a relatively low unit cost of each printer product, there are many other benefits to short run digital printing.

  • Quicker turnaround: Shorter run times and faster set-up times for digital printing means that you can have your finished products in hand much quicker than traditional offset printing.
  • Less Waste: Since you’re ordering in smaller quantities, you mitigate the risk of being stuck with out-of-date materials if your content changes more rapidly than expected.
  • Less Storage Space: The fewer printed materials you order, the less space required to store them. This also saves you money in handling costs!
  • Less Risk: A shorter run means you have the freedom and flexibility to make as many changes to your printer materials are you like. This is especially great for books as it allows for quick adjustments and test marketing.

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short run digital printing needs

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